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Falcon Leasing, a division of Falcon National Bank, provides short- and long-term loans and leases to businesses throughout the United States.   In addition, Falcon provides SBA 7 (a) and 504 loans through Falcon National Bank and a network PLPs.   Whether you are a vendor or franchisor looking to help your customer secure financing or a business owner looking for needed capital, we can help.  Our wide array of products have helped businesses both small and large succeed in meeting their financial needs.

Falcon's business units are:

Equipment Finance Division specializes in financing medical equipment, transportation, machine tool agricultural, construction, and other assets necessary to make a business more productive.  Our equipment finance division works with vendors to develop unique financing alternatives to assist their customer in purchasing their equipment.

Franchise Finance Division provides SBA and conventional loans to new or established franchisees to start their first location, purchase an existing location or simply upgrade their POS system.   Our franchise finance division specializes in helping the new franchisee get started in the business and then helping them grow.

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